Sorry, I've been busy and in trouble. Had a wonderful North Yorkshire break in excellent weather so that's a bonus as too was the news that our dear friend's breast cancer is in remission. Good on you Debra. But its been surgery at the dentist for me and now I have a titanium post awaiting a crown. That last piece of surgery was on Friday. I came home, had a sort of liquid lunch and then walked the dog. It was 3 pm. That sealed my fate. 

As I approached the road crossing where Georgie sits awaiting the green man to appear, she took off. She ran across the road and rounded up two small dogs on their leads. The woman panicked and fell on the road. I managed to retrieve one of her dogs while Georgie sat on the pavement wondering what had happened. 'Get your dog on a lead' she shouted while I asked if she was all right. 'I'm reporting you to the police' she said. 

As it happened thirty minutes later George was off the lead playing with Mrs Tricky's dog. They were running up and down the pathway happily. All of a sudden I heard the cry "Get your dog on the lead. I know who you are. I'm going to report you to the police.' Sure enough, the lady and her two dogs re-appeared. 

So while I await a call from the police even Georgie looks worried.

The Mens Rae legal argument is on my side and although this lady experienced a similar performance by Georgie a year ago, I have avoided the 3 pm cycle path afternoon walk for over a year as a consequence, It was this molar surgery which threw me and landed me in trouble at that time. But there's little point me appearing in court. The only way to solve this problem is through education. After all, Georgie does not bite people nor dogs. She is not a fighter. Stand still and her performance is over. 

Await the conclusion.....