Miss Martha Douglas

Miss Martha Douglas


Miss Martha Douglas

Martha Douglas encountered several needles in her remarkable yet troubled life.

One needle brought anguish while another brought relief

One brought pleasure while another disbelief

One needle eased suffering amid the horrors of war

The final needle brought contentment on a far off shore.

In an era of discrimination bold acts of the day

Swayed the thoughts of many that never went away

Today equality is for everyone with no exemption

Martha broke the mould, resulting from much tension.

A historical novel containing authentic unseen period photographs from this gifted Scottish storyteller.


“A simply wonderful story recalling the life of Martha Douglas. Surely this is a story which should be made into a successful film? Through all her trials and misfortunes, her determination shines through whether in prison or the Palace. I thoroughly recommend you to read this book and it will be your favourite for the year.”Susan Railbrook

ISBN (Paperback editions): 0755206894

ISBN-13 (Paperback editions): 9780755206896