Take The Lead

Take The Lead


Take The Lead

Meet Rock the Wrecker and Ben the Bounder, Kirrie the Assassin and Rikki the Rogue. Then experience the crazy world of the Basset Hound and all its antics. beloved by three Labradors and a Springer Spaniel, honoured by two Border Collies and wonder at the arresting Inverness Alsatian.

The author has been associated with dogs all of his life. In Ghana he was asked to run down a rabid dog and another showed its affection with a snarl. In Pakistan, dogs lived a life apart, frequently tied up and disliked. Most dogs have been a pleasure to know while a few have caused distress. But by far dogs have added to the quality of his life.

Recently, dogs have been put in the spotlight. Their sense of smell and their ability to communicate is starting to identify cancer sufferers early and give human ailments a cure. While some dogs are put down after dreadful and sometimes fatal attacks.

If you love dogs, you will love this book.

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Rome- New York- Madrid- Paris -Sydney

ISBN: 9-781910-256213