The Last Shepherd

The Last Shepherd


The Last Shepherd

A successful but arrogant banker has a spring holiday with his family in rural south west Scotland where his values and his attitude cause mayhem. The Last Shepherd shows the errors of his city ways with assistance of a mysterious mute benefactor whose actions climax in a tragic but resolute ending, touched by romance.


“I was shocked to discover I knew so little of rural ways. It was a real education.” Pete Newbrook.

“A way of life we should lose at our peril. But the romance was very touching.” Jane Houston.

“I could not put it down. When I did, I read it again.” Drew Sloan.

“A very sad and poignant read with so many slants to the story. I enjoyed it very much.” Lesley Fudge MSc BA (Hons) RGN

ISBN: 978-07552-0641