Inviting me to speak

I do many speaking engagements in the UK and if you wish me to give your class, club or group an entertaining talk, please get in touch with me. I can talk about: My life in general, My time as a missionary in Ghana, My time as the Regional Reporter to the Children’s Hearings, My time as the Camp Manager in Pakistan, My life as an author and Film Script Writer, My perspective on inter faith issues. I often accompany these talks with my clarinet, saxophone or guitar. I always bring my books to be displayed and sold. To discuss your groups’ needs, please contact me.

The 2005 Earthquake in Pakistan

Miller was appointed as the Camp Manager at Mundihar in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan where some 2,245 tented dwellers came to terms with their shattered lives. With pictures to show the audience (DVD 2CDs), Miller can arrive in Taleban dress (cleared by the Police!) show traditional clothing and speak of corruption, romance, brotherly love and above all the preparation to return to their places of origin. Miller also has a controversial view of NGOs in the third world. This is a thought provoking, informative and entertaining presentation begun when Miller sings to his audience.

Being an Author

Miller has published 19 books. Each book has a purpose. Hear of his approach to writing a successful first novel, now being adapted in Los Angeles as a film script – OPERATION OBOE. Find out about Robert Burns first love, Dear Bought Bess, and her impact in her descendants lives today in POET’S PROGENY. Hear passages from PONDERINGS a collection of poems and short stories in larger print for those with poor eyesight. HAVE YOU SEEN MY…. UMMM…. MEMORY? A self-help book for those with a failing memory. Not just a collection of tips but a series of life’s amusing experiences when the author’s memory has let him down. CHAZ THE FRIENDLY CROCODILE A serious message for Primary 3 pupils in the UK told in the form of an adventure poem, illustrated by Female Prisoners of Dumfries Prison and endorsed by a Chief Constable and Director of Education. RESTLESS WAVES A second full length novel follows the experiences of Geoff Varley on a world cruise as the Eros’s writer in residence. This is a world cruise you can afford! It’s a gripping yarn which will find you in a Caribbean swamp, at a Brazilian street murder, the Lux Mundia in South Africa and holding on during a violent south Atlantic storm. With romance, drug running and stamp collecting and a remarkable encounter in Senegal, you are about to do some serious travel, and reading. Finally 7 POINT 7 the diary of the Camp manager at Mundihar in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan January – March 2006. Miller’s work is recorded with the highs and lows of life for the victims of the South East Asian Earthquake in October 2005. This book sells at £7.50 to raise funds for continued reconstruction in Pakistan. Order it direct from Miller. But what is Miller writing now? A new novel yes, and Film Scripts!

West Africa

Miller worked in Ghana during the years 1973-78. He met his wife there and they returned to Ghana to celebrate their silver wedding in 2002. Why is Ghana like Scotland? Hear his stories about this wonderful country and friendly people. A collection of photos will be shown.

Inter Faith

Miller was born the first son of a Church of Scotland Minister – a Manse Bairn! Yet over the years he has been Jewish, a Presbyterian Missionary, A Roman Catholic School Care Worker, An Anglican worshipper, a Humanist and a Moslem brother. So where have his ecumenical travels led him today?

My Life

At the age of 60, it could be argued it’s only the first instalment but manse bairn, missionary, social worker, children’s reporter, writer in residence in Dumfries Prison, musician, poet, Earthquake Relief Worker, guest speaker around the country, novelist and international caps in the sport of….? Well find out. Have I not got enough to entertain you this evening?

LIBEL and COPYRIGHT as it affects us all.