Chaz the friendly crocodile

(A poem with a story addressing anti social behaviour)

A booklet for any family for house rules with a smile. A win/win for parents and children. See them grow up as you’d wish them to do.

Chaz is for children to read and enjoy then commit to a crime free healthy environment by signing a contract with teachers, parents or guardians and sometimes Police Officers and Social Workers.

Chaz is for Primary teachers to explain the poem about Chaz. There are lessons on migration of birds, who is a doon hamer and what are the names of other town dwellers eg Liverpudlians and Glaswegians and then oversee the signing of the contract.

CHAZ is for Police Officers dealing with young offenders.

Chaz is for Social Workers who have supervision of children.

Cost £7 + £1.50 post and package.
NB For larger orders better postal rates.

NB I can visit your school anywhere in the UK and introduce Chaz to your school.

ISBN: 978-1-8496-3770-1

Chaz the friendly crocodile
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Lawrence the lion seeks work

What happened when all the tail-tugging elephants and the ball-balancing seals left the circuses all over Europe? Well Lawrence the Lion sought new work and after asking many animals if he could work for them, he eventually got the very best job.

Suitable for the 3-6 age range.
Amsterdam – London – Paris – Rome – Sydney

£6.99 40 coloured and illustrated pages.

ISBN: 978-0-7552-1656-7

Lawrence the lion seeks work
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Danny the spotless dalmatian

Umm…yes a children’s book. Danny, like all Dalmatians, was born with no spots. After three weeks, their spots appear. But sadly Danny had no spots at all. Join him in his search for his own spots so he can be a real Dalmatian like his brothers and sisters once more.

Cost £7.99 + £1.50 post and package.

Publication Date: February 12, 2015

Danny the spotless dalmatian
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