A Reluctant Spy

Now a documentary in German, French and English after Mathilde Vuillermoz secured a deal with the French film company ARTE.

Hilda Campbell was born in the north of Scotland in 1889. She married German national Dr Willy Buntner Richter in 1912. They honeymooned in Scotland and lived in Hamburg. Dr Richter died in 1938. After visiting her ailing parents, she returned to Germany just before the Second World War began. She became a double agent, controlled by Gerhard Eicke in Germany and Lawrence Thornton in Britain. How could she cope under the strain, with her son Otto in the German Army? And her evidence was challenged at the Nuremburg Trials. Learn of her post-war life, which took her abroad, as a British Ambassador’s wife.

This is an extraordinary story based on the life of the author’s great aunt, Hilda, including several authentic accounts.

‘A Reluctant Spy is just what the best historical novels should be; the individual’s story from the heart of great events.’

Mark Sadler

A Reluctant Spy
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Caught in a Cold War Trap

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The Trials of Sally Dunning

Local Wigan drug dealing duo Donna 'Donkey' Riley and Barry 'Bones' Ritchie befriend fifty-three year old autistic and brain damaged Sally Dunning. Groomed, Robbed and defrauded, bullied and beaten up, Sally is unlikely to be the best witness when the perpetrators are caught and appear in court. Sally sees the goodness in everyone. But a chance meeting on holiday when her home is burgled turns Sally's life around in a spectacular way.

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A Lingering Crime

Jack Watson is arrested and charged with murder.

Extradition takes him to Florida but he has never been there before. Florida still has the death penalty and his thoughts turn to the electric chair. But did he know the victim? How could he be linked to the deceased?

As Jack's story emerges we learn of his troubled past and his need to right wrongs.

This is a novella breaking new ground in its concept. The legal, police and social work professions will find this book addresses circumstantial evidence in a new light.

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