The Parrot's Tale

Returning from hospital, octogenarian Harry Dynes finds his pet parrot of thirty-five years, Kofi, has escaped. Retired Wildlife Police Officer John Reid offers to help Harry find his parrot while also hoping to shed some light on his missing teenage daughter, Morag.

So begins two quests with this unusual duo seated on the back of a powerful motorbike. Kofi is always one step ahead, making headline news in legal, sporting, political, medical, religious and social situations. Harry and his parrot are thrust into the world of celebrity even appearing on the Graeme Norton show, while John’s quest seems to be leading nowhere… until Kofi makes an astounding connection.

Have you ever come across a plot more delightful and engaging than that of an African Grey Parrot turned police detective, on the loose in the Scottish countryside?
That is the original and creative premise of new book The Parrot’s Tale by Miller Caldwell, whose endearing protagonist is 35-year-old Kofi, with a distinctive red tail, a great knack for mimicking voices and a thirst for adventure.
A delightful mix of comedy, crime and thriller, the book follows Kofi as he solves an array of unlikely mysteries, problems and crimes, often in the most hilarious of manners.
These range from bringing a boy out of a coma, to unwittingly helping a political party, to uncovering an international human trafficking ring and helping bring the criminals to justice by mimicking the voices of the gang.
Not only does this cement Kofi in Scottish policing history as the best honorary avian detective ever known, it also brings him celebrity status.
It’s not too long before the publishers take an interest in his story, soon followed by movie producers offering million dollar film rights.
One step behind him every step of his adventure, desperately trying to catch him, is his hilarious owner, Harry Dynes, a sharp and quick-witted octogenarian who has his own fair share of escapades along the way, including being wrongly held in a mental hospital overnight. An unlikely companion for Harry comes in the shape of John Reid, a retired policeman and wildlife officer who is searching for his own daughter, Morag.
Popular school girl Morag disappeared unexpectedly four years earlier on the eve of her 16th birthday, leaving not a trace.
Although presumed dead, John is determined to find her, and decides to use Kofi’s publicity to help re-draw people’s attention to her disappearance.
Can Kofi and his escapades somehow help trace Morag and bring peace to her bereft father? Can there be a happy ending both for Kofi and Morag?
This is a fast-paced rollercoaster of a book, that moves smoothly and light-heartedly from scene to scene, bringing alive countless characters along the way.
Laced with regional dialect, it sets Scotland in a golden light, and is laugh-out-loud funny.
With something for all ages, it effortlessly blends contemporary crime fiction with comedy and is completely original.
The Parrot’s Tale is author Miller Caldwell’s sixteenth book, and will surely go down as one of his best, being loved both by readers and critics alike.
The Parrot’s Tale is out now in paperback, priced £9.50.

The Parrot's Tale