A Lingering Crime

Jack Watson is arrested and charged with murder.

Extradition takes him to Florida but he has never been there before. Florida still has the death penalty and his thoughts turn to the electric chair. But did he know the victim? How could he be linked to the deceased?

As Jack's story emerges we learn of his troubled past and his need to right wrongs.

This is a novella breaking new ground in its concept. The legal, police and social work professions will find this book addresses circumstantial evidence in a new light.

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Operation Oboe

A family game of trivial pursuit was the conception of this absolutely brilliant historical novel.

One of the geography questions opens a flood gate of memories for Vera. The family sit round with silent enchantment as she recalls her own experiences and those of her aunt, Fleur.

Fleur is a music lover and an accomplished oboe player. She meets her German husband at one of the musical concerts and moves to live in Germany. The first part of the story tells of how Vera goes to stay with Fleur and the First World War breaks out. They all know that Vera is in severe danger and try to get her out of Germany and to safety. A series of traumatic journeys are explained with vivid attention to detail and suspense mounts. The second part of the story dwells on Fleur’s experiences of war, her music and the birth of her son.

Just prior to the Second World War, she is invited to take up a post in Africa. The boat trip alone is hair raising, a murder on board leads to much suspense

She is invited to play her oboe along with members of the ship’s company and some of the most wonderful strains of music are mentioned.

The research into this work has been painstaking and extensive, but well worth the obvious detailed effort. We learn of the Ashanti and the Twi language and many proverbs, we would do well to practice today.
World War Two sees Fleur on a mission, where she learns of many mysteries surrounding her family.

Her assignment acknowledges her flair for the oboe.


“The whole book is steeped in historical events and I found it difficult to put down. My hope is that Miller Caldwell digs his heels in and treats us to another helping of such splendour.” Wendy Anne Lake – Novelist and Writer

Operation Oboe
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Restless Waves

Geoff Varley joins the ‘Eros’ cruise liner on its maiden four-month world cruise, as the Writer in Residence. It’s a new venture for the shipping company and for him too.

Passengers’ demons are laid to rest, creative minds are hard at work and on-shore adventures are both hair-raising and intriguing. Drug running and stamp collecting, ornithology and ship arrests, sumptuous meals and crippling debt, terminal illness, shattered dreams in the South Atlantic, a philanthropic opportunity at sea and a resolution in Senegal, not to mention two surprising romances somehow all revolve around the Writer in Residence.

This is an opportunity for you to enjoy a four-month world cruise from the comfort of your armchair or in bed, in your imaginary luxury cabin!

Restless Waves 0-7552-0260-0

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The Last Shepherd

A successful but arrogant banker has a spring holiday with his family in rural south west Scotland where his values and his attitude cause mayhem. The Last Shepherd shows the errors of his city ways with assistance of a mysterious mute benefactor whose actions climax in a tragic but resolute ending, touched by romance.


“I was shocked to discover I knew so little of rural ways. It was a real education.” Pete Newbrook.

“A way of life we should lose at our peril. But the romance was very touching.” Jane Houston.

“I could not put it down. When I did, I read it again.” Drew Sloan.

“A very sad and poignant read with so many slants to the story. I enjoyed it very much.” Lesley Fudge MSc BA (Hons) RGN

ISBN: 978-07552-0641

The Last Shepherd
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